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Is there a company you work with for ‘music and entertainment’?

There is not only one firm we work with for music and entertainment. There are many companies we can recommend to you if you need this service.
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Are the honeymoon room and daily use room for the Bride & Groom included in the price?

Yes, if you choose our hotel for your wedding, the honeymoon room and the daily use room is a gift of our hotel and is free of charge. Extra services purchased such as food and beverages, telephone, mini bar, or SPA will be charged.
Marriott İkon

Is the welcome cocktail separately charged?

No, the welcome cocktail is included in the price.
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Can you also do engagements, circumcision, henna, or bridal Showers organizations?

Yes, we can accommodate all of these.
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Can we make changes to the menus?

Yes there can be changes between our menus. If you have preferences other than the alternatives available in our menus, we can evaluate these separately in your reception.
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Can we take a limited alcohol option?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this option.
Marriott İkon

Can we only have a wedding service? What is included in the wedding service?

Yes you can. Many options are available for your wedding service. Any decorative elements are subject to a separate charge.

Marriott İkon

What is service charge?

This is a gratuity that is passed on to our employees for your convenience.
Marriott İkon

How are service charge and VAT calculated?

Service charge is 5% and VAT is 18%. Therefore there will be a service charge of 5% over the services you purchase, and a VAT of 18% on the resulting total. In other words, on a 100 TL service, the calculation is 100*1.05*1.18=123.90
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Is there a special price for parking? Is it included in the price?

No, parking is not included in the price.
Marriott İkon

Are music and decoration included in your price?

Music and decoration and trimming prices are determined separately according to the packages that you choose.
Marriott İkon

Is it possible to bring an outside company to provide decoration and trimming organization or do you do this?

Our hotel can provide trimming and decoration services. It is also possible to work with an outside company.
Marriott İkon

At what time should our wedding end, is there a limit in this regard?

Food service normally ends at midnight at all the weddings in our hotel.
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